Mainstay Software

mainstay® is a suite of asset management tools that allows you to control tasks, people and equipment at a shift-by-shift, task-by-task level. As a standalone solution, or integrated to complement existing systems such as SAP and Ellipse, mainstay® improves workflow efficiency by reducing complexity, confusion and duplication.

mainstay® can be customised to the specific needs of your operation and can be configured to import data from a number of sources including Excel and Project. mainstay® will enhance and improve the effectiveness and functionality of your existing systems, whilst eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets and other paper based communication. With integrated eForms and mobile capability, it will increase productivity, reduce downtime and improve profitability. A powerful, simple, user-friendly application, mainstay® has a number of deployment options depending on the needs, structure and resources of your operation.

  • Simplify

    maintenance process, eliminate duplication and ensure consistency

  • Replace

    spreadsheets and paper based systems

  • Increase

    efficiency, productivity, maintenance quality, visibility and control

  • Reduce

    downtime, risk, wastage, complexity and variance

  • Improve

    communication, safety, reliability and profitability

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